Dry wind and burning sun. Nice for you – not for your eyes!

Blue light is visible light with the highest energy wavelengths. Its main source is the sun. Blue...Learn more >

Female dryness

Birth control pills may cause intimate dryness

Birth control pills have long been the most widely used method of contraception. In addition to contraception,...Learn more >


Dryness of mucousa can be a side effect of medications

Multifactorial dry eye disease The symptoms of dry eye include a feeling that there is something in...Learn more >


Taking a flight? Sea Buckthorn brings relief from dry eyes

Your holiday is about to start and you have booked a flight – how wonderful! However, the...Learn more >

Female dryness

Does intimate dryness prevent you from enjoying exercise?

Intimate dryness is an uncomfortable condition that affects women of all ages. Dryness causes burning, itching and...Learn more >

Female dryness

Vaginal mucosa may become dry when breastfeeding

Many women feel that the mucous membranes in their vaginal area remain in good condition during pregnancy....Learn more >


Research and QA guarantee the safety of health products

Raw materials that come from nature play an important role in most dietary supplements and health products....Learn more >

Female dryness

Intimate dryness may be side effect of acne medication

About half of Finns suffer from some form of acne in their late puberty. It usually occurs...Learn more >

Female dryness

Intimate dryness can occur in all ages

Symptoms of intimate dryness include burning, itching and irritation in the vaginal mucosa. The symptoms are usually...Learn more >


Winter dries the eyes – watery eyes indicate dryness

According to the Finnish Society of Ophthalmology, up to 40 per cent of Finnish people suffer from...Learn more >


Four tips for relieving the symptoms of CVS

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are exposed to digital eye strain, or...Learn more >


Dry skin is a very common problem

Dry skin is a very common skin problem, and many people encounter it at some point during...Learn more >

Female dryness

Non-hormonal solution for dryness during menopause

More than 40% of postmenopausal women experience thinning and dryness of the vaginal mucosa, known as atrophy...Learn more >


Dry eyes is not just a winter problem

Dry eyes can also cause discomfort during the allergy season. Dry eye syndrome is associated with tear...Learn more >


Prevention of damage from exposure to blue light

Blue light is visible light with the highest energy wavelengths. Its main sources are the sun and...Learn more >

Female dryness

Are you experiencing intimate dryness?

Intimate dryness is a common problem. Sea Buckthorn oil can be applied both internally and externally to...Learn more >

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