Research and QA guarantee the safety of health products

Raw materials that come from nature play an important role in most dietary supplements and health products. However, being natural alone does not guarantee that a product is safe. Research and strict quality assurance (QA) are also needed at all stages of the production chain. In addition to the purity of raw materials, research is needed to identify the effects, standardise the composition, ensure preservation, and verify the labels.

One hundred football fields of wild and organic

The surest way to get pure raw materials for berry oils is to use berries that grow in the wild, as well as organically grown berries. That is why nearly all the sea buckthorn oil that Aromtech produces in Tornio is wild and organic. We only use cultivated berries supplied by select producers who do not use pesticides. All the pre-samples and actual batches of raw materials are analysed to establish with certainty that they do not contain contaminants. Hundreds of tonnes of berries and seeds are needed in the production of SBA24® sea buckthorn oil. This is equivalent to a carpet of berries covering the area of about 100 football fields. From this amount, we produce approximately 50 million Membrasin® SBA24® sea buckthorn oil capsules, which are sold in 20 countries under various brands.

We make products we want to offer to our children

Our laboratory conducts more than 5,000 quality assurance analyses each year before the products are dispatched to our customers. Our idea of quality is that our products are so effective, safe and of high quality that we want to offer them to our children, as well. All Aromtech’s dietary supplements (including Membrasin) are also 100% plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, yeast-free and GMO-free, which makes them suitable for almost everyone, to support a healthy diet for the well-being of mucous membranes and skin.

SBA24® – the world’s most researched sea buckthorn oil product

Aromtech’s SBA24® sea buckthorn oil is the world’s most scientifically researched and standardised sea buckthorn oil blend, which contains optimal amounts of berry and seed oils. All the publications of major Western scientific journals on the effects of sea buckthorn oil on human health feature Aromtech’s SBA24® oil. We have built our production process to produce consistently effective, functional and correctly labelled products for consumers, regardless of the variations in the raw materials’ composition. For 20 years, Aromtech has been building this Finnish expertise that no one else in the world has, and it is a source or pride to us.

Aromtech’s sea buckthorn oils are active ingredients in the Membrasin products sold in pharmacies for dry eyes and intimate dryness for women.

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