Feeling 35 again

I must admit, at first I was skeptical that this would work. My dryness was unbearable and depressing. But after about 6 weeks on the membrasin, I started to feel rejuvenated!

Does what it says

Moisturizes the eyes well. The most important feature of the product is probably that it can be sprayed on closed eye lids.

Good product

very good for those who really suffer from dry eyes, after just a few days the dryness eased, applying to the eyelid keeps the entire eye area moisturised.

The best

This is the best help I have ever had for dry eyes. Comfortable to use, very effective and all round wonderful product! I have tried several different drops, but after finding this spray I don’t want to use anything else anymore.

I recommend!

Excellent for dry eyes.

O.M.G they are amazing

I first purchased this item some months ago and re-ordered 2 more packs, I suffer from Sorgensons disease (very dry eyes) I had drops from my Doctor but they only gave limited relief. I read about Sea Buckthorn and although skeptical tried them. It took until the end of my first carton of capsules to feel some relief, but I persevered and O.M.G they are amazing, the relief they have given me are worth every penny spent! If you feel they are a little expensive,please ignore the price and just buy them, the relief you will experience is like a magic potion. I also have a very dry mouth and the Sea Buckthorn have given relief to this too, but some of my medication does cause the dryness and I still have a little dry mouth, but the Sea Buckthorn has eliviated this to a bearable level, these little capsules are a wonder, thank you. JUST BUY THEM. But give them time, I have had Sorgenson’s some time, so feel the capsules needed ‘time’ to work fully. They really are a miricale in a capsule that is easy to take.

Wow! Amazing for Dry Eyes!

I suffer from dry eyes. The condition was so bad that my quality of life was effected. Every waking moment was living torture. After 2 days of taking this product I could blink without my eyelids feeling like they were scraping/sticking to my eyeballs. My dry eyes also caused recurrent eye infections, so I was also using antibiotic eyedrops. It’s now been 7 days since I started using this and my eyes feeling significantly better, my skin is also less dry (less wrinkled) and I feel more positive about life.

Good for dry eye

Been using these a week (male) to help with my dry eyes and I have to say, I’ve noticed an improvement.

Buckthorn capsules

Have only been taking them for a while this time, but in the past I noticed am improvement in my eyes, I have bletharitis so any improvement help tremendously.

Miracle for 50+

I, like so many other women, had vaginal dryness. I just basically gave up on intimacy because it was painful and no longer fun. Thank you Membrasin!! Two little pills once a day means no more pain, no more dryness, and finally I feel like a woman again!!

It works!

I have struggled with dryness for years! Tried hormone based pills and creams and nothing worked. Took these pearls for 2 weeks and noticed moisture returning to lady parts! I enjoy intimacy again!! So happy!!

Helped me get progressively get better

Membrasin worked better for me than any other vulva mosturizing cream that I tried and I tried about 5 other creams from different vendors I found on Amazon. I had been suffering from dryness, itching, burning, and sensitivity after 2 recent Yeast infections, a UTI, and menopause too. I tried several different vulva moisturizing creams and none of them worked liked this one. I noticed that this one made me progressively feel better each time I used it. After 2-3 weeks of using it, I feel completely normal again and the burning, itching, sensitivity is gone now.

Just WOW

I am mid 60’s – started using this product several years ago. The difference is night and day – or maybe that should be desert and waterfall! The dryness I was experiencing was creating a lot of itching and I purchased this to try and solve that issue. Zero issues with dryness anymore – which helps with the itching AND with sex being terrific! Even if I wanted to not take this I’m pretty sure my H would nix that idea. Highly recommended.

Helps A Lot!

Very happy with this product. Takes away the itch and calms things down!

Works amazing

I started having menopause symptoms and one of them was dryness. This product did amazing things for my body. My boyfriend is super impressed as well. It worked immediately for me.

This product works!

I suffered for years with dryness. After just a few weeks of using this product, I was pleasantly surprised and relieved! I feel like me again. The dryness is GONE with the added benefit of stronger nails and hair!

One of a kind

I stumbled across Membrasin while researching products to help with dryness. I was younger than most women when I got my hysterectomy. I was so scared that being in my late thirty I would never enjoy sex again because it had gotten so dry. I waited till now cause I believe any product should be tested for at least a year. It has been a year and I have to say I am not disappointed in any way. The customer service is amazing and has helped me replace product that was stolen/misdelivered. I can say I do recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about taking it for dryness.

This is awesome

I am using for 1 month and it really works. I recommend Membrasin 100%.

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