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Membrasin® is a trademark owned by Aromtech Limited, which stands for Arctic Omega Technologies. The company was founded in 1991, in Lapland Finland, when a University of Turku spin-off combined forces with a local business partner. Since being established, Aromtech has supplied over 650 million sea buckthorn capsules to consumers in over 20 countries. In recent years, it has developed new clinically tested products to naturally alleviate the symptoms caused by different forms of dryness. Our mission is to provide people with natural and safe solutions that support health and well-being at any age.

World famous oil

One of the key active ingredients in Membrasin® products is SBA24®, a world-famous sea buckthorn oil blend, containing oil extracted from the berry pulp and seeds. SBA24® is the only standardized sea buckthorn oil blend in the world that has undergone clinical studies to establish its effects. The standardization guarantees that the oil blend stays constant providing all essential omega fatty acids. The results of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. As a result, consumers can trust in the quality of Membrasin® supplements every time. Our expertise and 25 years of experience also ensure consistent product quality from batch-to-batch.

Process since 1990's

The berry extracts used in Membrasin® products are produced using a CO2– extraction method. This method is extremely environmentally friendly, as it only uses circulated carbon dioxide, the same gas we exhale, and no chemicals are added to the oils. The extraction process is aseptic and solvent-free. A closed manufacturing process and low extraction temperatures ensure that the fatty acids are not oxidized during the process. Aromtech has mastered this process since 1990s and is committed to being the world’s leading berry-oil innovator in health products. The process is part of the circular economy, as it recovers berry seeds from juice-industry and channels the nutrient-rich extraction residue back into food and feed.

Professionals & science

Aromtech’s employees are highly educated in science and technology, and 33% have achieved a higher university degree, namely a Master’s degree or doctorate. All of our products are developed and tested together with medical doctors using good clinical practices and ethical guidelines. In addition, universities and research centers represent an important part of our network. Aromtech’s slogan – Science of Natural Vitality – bear witness to the importance of science in our brands.


The core of Membrasin® products, the active berry oils, are produced on-site at our Lapland factory. Every year, the factory uses over 250 tons of berry raw materials, enough to cover over 250 football fields. In addition to production facilities, our laboratory and quality assurance department ensure the highest standards from the raw materials to the final products. Also R&D and the stocking of the raw materials and berry oils is located at the site. If we ever need to outsource some parts of production, we carefully select partners that comply with the equally-high standards and the highest quality required for Membrasin® products.


To ensure global acceptance, Membrasin® products comply with many different standards and certifications. We have been awarded ISO 9001 to certify our quality management system and ISO 14001 for our environmental management system. For capsule products we follow US FDA GMP for dietary supplements and food legislation (HACCP) in the EU. For  medical device products, we are ISO 13485 certified, and our cosmetic products comply with the requirements of the EU Regulation on Cosmetic Products and the Act on Cosmetic Products. For organic raw materials and oils, we are also certified according annual audits.

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