Dryness of mucousa can be a side effect of medications

Multifactorial dry eye disease

The symptoms of dry eye include a feeling that there is something in your eye and a feeling of dryness in the eyes. These sensations are caused by an inadequate layer of tears to coat the eye’s surface, and an infection. The risk of dry eye increases with age and is more common in women than in men. Some cases of dry eye are related to a disease, such as Sjögren’s syndrome. Dry eye is also caused by external factors such as low air humidity, eye surgery, and long hours in front of a screen.

Medications can make dry eye disease worse

Many medications can cause dry eye disease or make it worse. The eye-drying effects that have been studied most extensively are the effects of various antihistamines, antidepressants and other anxiety medications, and isotretinoin, which is used to treat acne. The mechanisms vary and are associated with, for example, decreased tear production and poor-quality tears. Studies have also found a link between dry eye and antihypertensives, diuretics and anti-nausea medications. Whereas a single drug only has mild effects, concomitant medications make the situation worse. The feeling of dryness may also be felt on mucous membranes of the body other than the eyes. In addition to oral medications, the eyes may become dry when using eye drops. In such a case, the cause of dry eye may be the product’s active ingredient or a preservative.

Drug-free treatment with sea buckthorn oil

In a clinical trial, the intake of SBA24 sea buckthorn oil (Membrasin Vision Vitality Capsule*) showed beneficial effects on the tear film and the feeling of dryness in the eyes. Membrasin Vision Vitality Spray, a preservative-free eye spray containing sea buckthorn oil, provided rapid relief of dry eye symptoms in a clinical trial.

*Dietary supplement: contains beta-carotene, a source of vitamin A that supports the maintenance of normal vision. Vitamin E helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

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