Taking a flight? Sea Buckthorn brings relief from dry eyes

Your holiday is about to start and you have booked a flight – how wonderful!
However, the dry air inside the airplane can be tough on the eyes. Dry eyes sting, itch, water and turn red.

Usually a thin layer of gel-like tears keeps the surface of the eye lubricated. If the eyes do not produce enough lubricating tears or the tears are of poor quality, the tears will not spread across the eye evenly, and dry eye occurs. Really dry air inside aeroplanes accelerates the evaporation of tears from the surface of the eye. Studies have shown that sea buckthorn oil can provide relief from dry eye. Sea buckthorn oil spreads across the tear film to strengthen the lipid layer that protects the eye from becoming dry.

Apply directly over make-up

Containing sea buckthorn oil, the Membrasin Vision Vitality Spray is especially handy when travelling by air, as it can be applied directly over make-up and even if you are wearing contact lenses. The product is sprayed directly on closed eyelids. A spray is also hygienic, as it allows other people to use the product, as well. The eye spray also reduces puffiness, nourishes the skin around your eyes and helps you feel fresh during the flight.

Dry eye symptoms can be a problem for flight attendants, people who fly frequently on business and people who fly less frequently on holiday, whose eyes are not used to the dry air of the airplane cabin. Those who travel less frequently may find it handy that Membrasin Vision Vitality Spray can be used for three months after opening and stored at room temperature. The product will also be helpful at your destination if the hotel’s air conditioning is unnecessarily efficient or if street dust and air pollution are bothering you.

Hyaluronic acid traps water

In addition to sea buckthorn oil, Membrasin Vision Vitality Spray contains hyaluronic acid, which supports the ability of the aqueous humour to trap and retain water molecules, preventing the eyes from drying. Developed and manufactured in Finland, the spray does not contain any preservatives, alcohol or substances of animal origin.

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